AC/DC Rotating Machines

  • Refurbish, rewind, retrofit - Armature/Stator (Motors/Generators)
  • Traction Power Systems (Motor)
  • Repair windings, re-insulation of electrical motors


  • New machines, supply, re-design engineering solutions
  • Vacuum/wet/dry running pumps
  • Railway specialties
  • Reverse engineering, commissioning
  • Overhaul, maintenance services

Gearbox Systems

  • Repairs, overhauls, upgrades (Gear Systems/Couplings)
  • Inspection, site services
  • Consulting, failure analysis, strain gauging
  • Condition monitoring, asset/strategic spares management


  • Design, retrofit replacement gearboxes
  • Aftermarket services for brands including Flender, Voith, ZF, IG Watteeuw, Gmeinder
  • Extended warranty packages

Magnetic Speed Sensors

  • Supply, re-design, reverse engineering
  • High-speed rail, metro, locomotive certified sensors
  • Gear unit sensors

Temperature Sensors

  • High voltage, embedded, traction system sensors
  • Design, reverse engineering, supply solutions


  • Absorbers, dampers design and supply
  • Brake blocks, systems manufacture

Commutators/ Sliprings

  • Design according to specifications
  • Mould/Bolted type commutators

Carbon/Motor Accessories

  • Brushes, holder, rocker arm assembly
  • Carbon vanes for vacuum pumps
  • Earth return units
  • Pantographs, current collectors

Specialty Works/Products

  • Design, precision machining, fabrication works
  • Automation
  • Metal/Flexible contacts
  • Commutator maintenance products

Various Applications

At TAILER, we cater to your specific needs and offer maintenance solutions to customers over a broad range of sectors, including railway, marine and other key industries according to OEM design and standards.